Julianna Rondenell, Licensed Acupuncturist

Chinese Herbal Formulas


Herbal Formulas are prescribed medicine in an Acupuncture treatment. The formulas are created using a bulk herb combination either dried, granulated, or made into a tincture or pressed into pill form. The formulas are cooked down and drunk as a tea or taken with warm water. Herbal formulas work adjunctively with acupuncture therapy giving you an internal support until the next session. This means that it encourages the same processes that acupuncture does. It will encourage your qi to flow or to expel unwanted pathogens. For example, if you catch a cold the Acupuncture treatment would expel the cold that may be lodged in your sinus or muscles creating the feeling of an achey body and a stuffed nose. Depending on other symptoms presented I would prescribe the exact formula to increase the acupuncture treatment efficacy. There are many herbal supplements available on the market. With my herbal history, I have chosen the following companies that have the highest quality herbs and the precise formula guaranteed to achieve the highest results.