Julianna Rondenell, Licensed Acupuncturist

Mobile Acupuncture Clinic

Julianna Rondenell

Hello and Welcome

My name is Julianna Rondenell and I am a Licensed Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. I am offering a Mobile Clinic to promote Community Acupuncture that is affordable and accessible to you and your family and friends in your home. I am promoting wellness in a group setting through acupuncture for pain relief.

What It Does: Acupuncture treatment corrects internal organ imbalances through continued sessions designed to help the body in its own healing process.

Is It For You? Acupuncture treatments are used in pain management and as preventative healthcare. Detoxification treatments have been proven to help with chemical dependency.

What Is a Treatment Like? Extremely fine needles are placed at specific points on pathways leading to organs, muscles and nerves. When the needles are inserted a sensation is felt.  This usually is short but the overall feeling will be calm, relaxed and eventually balanced.

Safety: Acupuncture is a very safe medical procedure when performed by a Licensed Acupuncture Practitioner. The Clean Needle Technique is part of the certification.

Prices vary according to group size.