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Feel your Best, Find more Balance, and Enjoy Wellness.

  My name is Julianna Rondenell Licensed Acupuncturist . I would like to offer you a renewed sense of health with Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. With an acupuncture treatment you can feel the bodies ability to heal and be well.
Call or email to make an appointment to find out how this healthcare can fit into your lifestyle. My office is currently at

4310 Tradewinds Dr
Suite 300
Oxnard, CA 93035.
Acupuncture treats the body, mind and spirit in a holistic way to promote a natural healing to relieve pain.

  • Initial treatment will determine a schedule that will address a wide variety of your health concerns.
  • Headache
  • Hormone Balance
  • Weight Loss
Chinese Medicine offers an array of diagnostic methods, such as pulse taking and tongue analysis to determine a course of treatment. After scheduling an appointment, please print out and complete my intake form. Bring the completed form to our first meeting. Now that you have found me, we can begin your healing story. I am sure that we can make a difference in your Health and Well Being. Each treatment is a stepping stone towards your renewed health. The number of treatments depends on each individual. The Chinese believe in the TAO which means the way. This is the way to health. This website has been designed to help you understand the process and help answer questions along the way. Take Charge of your Wellness, Feel a sense of Balance, Well-Being and Vitality.