I thought that an early Qing gong session might be a great addition to our morning.

Please stand with feet hip widths apart with your arms relaxed to your sides. Take in a deep breath and relax into a bent knee stand with a feeling as though you are sitting and standing at the same time. Another exhale and a deep breath from the energy in the lower abdominal area. This standing pose will get you feeling centered and breathing deeply into the many channels and pathways leading into the body. Some head and neck rotations can be added with shoulder shrugs to enhance the feeling of opening the channel flow throughout the entire body. Once that you feel the energy flow, raise your arms to reach outward and point your fingertips as far out as you can. This will open the pathways from the lung channel and release any tension that may be stuck there, all the while breathing deeply from the lower abdominal area and filling the lungs with fresh oxygen. This pose is felt mostly in the scapular region or shoulder blades not just the arms.

Next we point the fingers up toward the sky and reach with the palms so as to encourage not only lung Qing but now we engage the heart channel. These poses are generally held for twenty to thirty seconds and may be held longer as you progress in your practice. That being said, release your arms to the side and inhale/exhale three times before beginning the next pose.