Julianna Rondenell, Licensed Acupuncturist


Moxibustion is an adjunctive therapy commonly used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. An Acupuncturist will uses an herb called mugwort in bulk or prepared form.  This herb is burned and whether it is held close to the skin or burned on the skin promotes a warming of a cold condition.

The practitioner applies a salve or even a barrier so that the client is not burned in the process of healing a condition.  There are many options available so that we as practitioners can match a method with the clients needs and wishes.

One of the most common treatments is to add bulk moxa herb to the handle of the needle.  This is then lit on fire and heats the shaft of the needle and send the heat deep into the acupuncture point.  Again, the acupuncturist provides a barrier to the skin so that no accidents occur.