I’ve had amazing acupuncture treatments from Julianna. But there are two times in particular that I would like to share: Once, I had a condition call alopecia areata (hair loss) that left a bald spot the size of a half dollar on the back of my scalp. Julianna gave me a treatment that was simple as it was effective. Within a month, the hair grew back in full and in its natural color.¬†Another time I had been in an auto accident where my vehicle was struck from behind. My back went into an excruciating spasm that left me sleepless and unable to walk or sit for long periods of time. Julianna’s wonderful care and treatment took the spasm out, and within a short week the pain was completely gone. Thanks to her, I never needed to take pain medication.¬†Julianna’s diligent professionalism and prudent bedside manner has proved to be the epitome of what holistic healing is.

Thank YOU, Julianna!